Thursday, 31 March 2011

New arrivals

I've been a bit quiet since the weekend.  The baby has kept me awake most nights this week so blogging hasn't been top of the agenda

I've smoked a few cigars since the last blog and some of them were very nice too.  I also had a big delivery on Wednesday morning so for now, the humidor is well stocked. 

Been busy too.  A new phone arrived and been trying to get the PowerMac G5 working on the wifi, which is proving difficult because of what Apple did to the Quad core Apple told me to book "Genius time", or some such shite, which involves bringing the G5 into the Regents Street store for a conflab with a specialist.  The G5 is a beast of a machine and not something you'd want to be lugging around.  It was bad enough getting it up the stairs!  Anyway, I'm hoping eBay will do the job.

Over the past few days I've smoked an El Rey del Mundo Lonsdale which was a great cigar and a Oliva Serie G - Maduro Robusto which was nice and smooth, a bit sweet but a great smoke.

Wednesday's delivery included a free Chinchalero Picadillos, a free tin of Partagas Minis, a free cigar cutter and matches plus 5 mint sweets.  All because they didn't include the 1p newsletter I asked for.  Nice people at CGars Ltd

The new phone arrived today, a HTC HD7 Windows phone.  Love it.  I'm actually glad to get rid of the iphone, which was getting really annoying, especially since the alarm woke me up an hour earlier than it should have when the clocks went forward.

The new additions are...

Chinchalero Picadillos x 6
Cain Maduro 654T
Partagas Serie D No. 4 x 2
Luis Martinez Crystal Churchill
Fonseca Cosacos cigar
Ramon Allones Specially Selected x 2
Rocky Patel Robusto Vintage 1990
Romeo y Julieta Churchill

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