Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy Sabbatical to me

Day two started off nearly as bad as day one.  Child woke up at 3am, 4am, 5am, 5:45am.  All requiring visits to get him off to sleep again.  There were a few short screams here and there, which thankfully didn't require getting out of bed.

The wife was up for work and left me to sleep.  Then suddenly, the Big Ben theme tune.  I rush downstairs and there she is, once more signing for a package, but I wasn't expecting this one.  Get a load of this...

Cohiba Maduro 5
El Ray del Mundo Tainos 'Orchant Seleccion'
Romeo y Julietta Duke limited edition 2009
Romeo y Julieta Escudos limited edition 2007
Carlos Torano Robusto
Luis Martinez Silver selection
Charatan Churchill
Bolivar Royal Coronas tubed
Ramon Allones specially selected
Vegas Robaina Familiares
Matches and another cutter!

What a great present

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