Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chinchalero Picadillos and a trip to the post office

The Chinchalero Picadillo is a new cigar for me, arriving fresh this morning.  At an online price of £2.99, and it being only Tuesday, I decided to give one a go.  Well, I did have a hard day.  Pushed the buggy all the way to the post office, forked out £235 for road tax, and got irritated by the muppets who wouldn't get out of my way. There's me, holding a door open with one hand, pulling the buggy with the other, and two women push past me without so much as a by-your-leave.  I shouted "your welcome!" in a most sarcastic voice.  A complete waste of breath.

Anyway, the Picadillo was a tidy well rolled little cigar, lasting around 30 minutes.  It tasted minty during the pre-draw.  The burn and smoke was good but not much flavour to it.  I'll definitely get a few more though.

I also got a couple of Chinchalero Torpeditos, so might bring one of those to golf on Saturday, if the weather looks good.  This is the first game of the year, so should be fun.  With any luck, Rob and Jim will be just as rusty.

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