Saturday, 5 March 2011

The day Bloor won at golf

Now, in my defence, I am nursing a bad back, a very bad back, and playing off 17, whereas the Bloorinator played off 33 today.  He's a man playing with a woman's handicap, but for some reason I can't remember, we let him away with it.   The final score was the ladyboy on 45 points, moi on 41 points and Roberto Pillario on 36 points.  Roberto was off 18.

Not bad all round as we haven't been out since October last but we suspect the big girls blouse has been having secret golf lessons over the winter.

Post golf cigar was a Charatan Churchill which was excellent.  This cigar was consistent throughout.  Mild but full of flavour, taking only a short while to get going.  At just under £10, I'll have to put a few quid aside for some more.
A tantric mandala, a wonderful gift from M&M, shares the first picture with the tubed Churchill.
The artwork in the second picture is by the very talented Irish artist April Lindsay.
The drink is a St. Peters Best Bitter, chilled. 

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