Monday, 28 February 2011 should I put this...

No work for me until June 1st.   That's how I'll put this.

Nothing cigar related to report, apart from my order, which is on the way and should be here in a day or two.

The good news is that I'll be here when it arrives, not in work.

I'll  tell you all about the new arrivals later on in the week.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend wonders

The last of the cigars picked up by  her indoors last weekend,  a Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres UK regional 2010 and a Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill were smoked, with some Prosecco, in the cool air of our back garden, over the course of Saturday.

The wide Churchill was nice enough, light and enjoyable but the Por Larranaga was in a class of its own.  This was a perfect way to celebrate England' victory over the French.  Not that I was celebrating an English victory, I was just happy to see France get beaten and what is it with Ireland and giving away kick-able penalties?

I will definitely be on the look out for a box of Por Larranaga when we next go on our travels. COM'ON IRELAND!!

That's the humidor empty again but luckily, I have a sampler on the way next week.  Life is hard sometimes.

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2
Chinchalero Picadillos
Chinchalero Torpeditos
Regius Robusto
Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales

Saturday, 26 February 2011

How much is that stogie in the window...puff puff

The one with the 52 ring guage...

It brings me back to my mister, how much is that much is that one...and much is that many can I get for that?

Cigars are not cheap.  Cigarettes are ₤6.50 over here so comparing that to an average cigar of around ₤14, and you, this is an expensive hobby (yes hobby).  There's obviously a huge difference between the two, quality of tobacco, hand rolled blah blah etc etc.

The only solution I see to this costing problem, is to travel to countries where cigars are much cheaper and buy in bulk. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Cuba.  Oh, if anybody out there is coming from or going to any of those countries, spare me a thought.  Thanks. 

Superman (1978) is one of the best movies ever.  Currently showing on Channel 5 HD.

A night on the tiles

Last night, Nora the babysitter was in town so myself and the wife scarpered.  The restaurant was Michelin starred Viajante, and the after-pub was The Dundee arms, The Dundee Arms.

Pre-dinner cigar was a Regius Robosto all the way from Nicaragua.  I liked this cigar very much. I'll certainly be getting a few more.

The restaurant on the other hand, was not so good.  The wife described the food as "boring", when asked by the maitre'd.  I became the worlds finest food critic when I suggested that passion fruit was "so last year".  Needless to say, we won't be bringing the Doyles there.

The owner of the Dundee arms is a brother-in-law of a guy at work, and a very nice man who serves a mean pint.  He even laid on a plate of savory biscuits, which we ate.

I'd certainly recommend the Regius as an excellent and  much cheaper alternative to a Cuban Robusto, at roughly half the price of a Partagas No.4.  I won't recommend Viajante and if you fancy a bit of Irish music and a sing-along, head to the Dundee arms.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dan the Man

Last September, Dan, old Danny boy or Spaniel as I like to call him in private (he lives in Spain), or Dan as he's called by everybody who knows his name, arrived over with a very special box of smokables.  This particular box contained Cohibas which were destined to be smoked at the greatest sporting event of 2010.

The box contained 5 x Cohiba Coronas Especiales.  Great smokes, of which, 1 was smoked by myself, in the garden almost immediately after Dan arrived in the front door.  The remaining 4 had my name, my Dads name, my brother in law' name and my brothers name all over them.

Without bragging about it too much, I was at the Ryder cup 2010 at Celtic manor in Wales on the Saturday and we all enjoyed these fantastic cigars in glorious sunshine, in a golfing arena unlike anything else on earth.  What a day.  It rained either side of Saturday and we enjoyed more golf on a Ryder cup day than any day in its history (I think).  We even got on the telly!!

Oh yeah, Dan also brought Gearoid with him.

Muhammad Ali

Nothing to do with cigars but just loved this photo of the greatest fighter the world has ever seen, playing a bit of hurling, and I thought I 'd share.  Enjoy.

Top Cuts

Not much to choose from here seeing as my collection of cigar cutters amounts to a grand total of four, which is actually more then I thought I'd have at this stage.  People tend to throw them at me, amongst other things, but how many cutters is too many cutters? How much can I write about them?  It cuts good...It cuts bad...

First cutter came from Dan.  Dan visited last year and brought with him a 5 pack of Cohiba, a box of long matches and my first cutters.  Nice man Dan.  More on those Cohibas (and Dan) later as they (and Dan) deserve a posting all to themselves.  This is the cutter Dan brought from Spain.  Did the job without too much damage but not as sharp as I expected.  Now retired but will always remain close to my heart. Marks of 5 out of 10.

 Next cutters to come along came all the way from Luxembourg, in that Xmas care package from BFF Johnny D.  I'll stop calling him BFF Johnny D soon, might call him BFFJD for short, anyway, along with a bundle of sticks, was a classy looking cutters in a fake leather case.  This looks the business but made a mess of the two cigars I used it on.  It has not been used since.  It sort of pinched them before eventually cutting through.  Not good, 3 out of 10.

Number 3 came with the humidor from C.Gars Ltd.  This cutters has a single blade and felt razor sharp.  It cut through my cigars with ease and is now my cutter of choice.  Number 4 was thrown in when the wife bought 6 cigars from the C.Gars Ltd shop in West Hampstead.  Same as number 3 but smaller.  Also razor sharp and cuts perfectly.  Both below and both score 8 out of 10. 

I suppose by this time next year, I'll probably have more cigar cutters in my possession then cigars in my humidor...I'll let you know by this time next year.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New years stash

A Christmas care package found its way to me, thanks to BFF Johnny D.  The Cohibas came thanks to one of the brothers in law. 

The Cohibas were bought in Egypt, in an unopened box.  Not surprisingly, they were bone dry, very flakey and almost ruined.  Two were alright but this was months before the humidor arrived so there was nothing left to do but smoke them.  Not great but the two that were alright, went down a treat.  Great shame but looking forward to getting my hands on Siglo IV's some time soon.

The Partigas and Trinidads were perfect, as were the Romeos.  All gone now.  Well gone.  No point when there's no humidor to keep them in good nick.

Lessons learned here were as follows...1.  Cigars go straight to humidor.  2. If none available, buy one quick. 3. Never buy an unopened box, examine the contents.

Where it all began...

I'm not sure exactly, but I think it all started sometime last June when my BFF John came to visit.  I think he was shown the light by Raul (aka Rolo) some time earlier.  Anyway, the trail runs cold with Rolo.  Nobody knows for sure when he was bitten, or by whom.  I guess I could ask him but...  mnah.

I'm planning on a cigar cutter review this week so looking forward to that.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Ok, first things last.  I finally picked up my humidor after months of huming and ...  anyway, I got one...

I'm well aware that I should have gotten one yonks ago, but they're not cheap.  I do admit that some cigars have been ruined due to the heating being on 24x7 but I'm not to blame...

I'll post my first picture of the humidor then add more pics of cigars I've smoked over the past few months later on.  I'm just so proud of this lovely wooden box.  Bought from C.Gars ltd, of London, out West Hampstead way, for the bargain price of £109.  Slightly seconds due to cosmetic damage, but I have yet to find this alleged damage.

My lovely wife even bought me some fine stogies to got with it, aaahhh.

Introduction - My new life with cigars

Hello there,

I've recently taken up cigar smoking, having ditched nasty smelly fags, for relaxing, tasty, manly cigars.  Dumped the stupid hourly few drags for a more civilised weekly (or so) smoke out the back garden (or porch) of a fine Havana.

I'll be posting reviews, pictures, stories and anything cigar related which hopefully will help and promote one of the most relaxing and enjoyable grown up persuits there is.

I'm new to cigars so I dont claim to be an aficionado, but I am enthusiastic and welcome all pointers and comments.  I'm hoping to make this fun with many many pictures and stories of cigar I've smoked, who I smoked them with, reviews, reviews of shops and accessories.

This is my first blog so be kind and have patience please.  Hoping you enjoy...