Monday, 14 March 2011

Saturday night at the Larkins

We spent Saturday at the Larkins who were celebrating a 1st birthday.  Lots of beer, champagne and wine was served throughout the day, in the lovely home of our favourite Anglo-Franco-American family and as it was a sleep-over, we got stuck in.

Who would have thought a birthday party for a 1 year old child would end with the hangover from hell.  I'm still feeling the effects two days later.

I forgot to bring the small box of cigars I had selected for the day, and so we had to head out for more.  Luckily, a local Oddbins off-license had a small humidor with a decent enough selection.  I went for a R&J Churchill, a Partagas No.4 and a Santa Damiana tubulares. 

All the cigars were good, especially the R&J which I saved for last. 

Thankfully the baby slept through the night and the spread of bacon the next morning was a life saver. 

I think I've had enough beer and cigars for one week, at least until Saturday afternoon, when Ireland beat England, again. 

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