Monday, 30 May 2011

Ashton VSG vs Oliva Serie V Double Robusto

Saturday morning, 7:38am and it's time to send a drive down the first fairway.  With the tee shot out of the way, the next shot is 7 iron lay up, then a wedge over the water to the edge of the green.  A 20 foot putt and the ball is in the hole.  A birdie on the 1st is no bad thing but I was left wondering why I bothered ordering a shiny new putter the day before, when my old one had just done that.  Oh well, no harm in having a back up putter I suppose.

A few pars, multiple bogeys, another birdie, and two double bogeys later, victory was mine and I was home in time for brunch.

The plan for the rest of the day? Smoke an Ashton VSG, chillax for a bit, smoke an Oliva Serie V Double Robusto, then watch the Champions league final.  Not the worst plan I've ever had.

After reading good reviews on both cigars, I decided to pick up a few during the week.

I've had a couple of Oliva cigars previously but not the double robusto and never anything by Ashton.  Both cigars are great looking, with lovely rich brown colours and both firm to the touch.

To accompany the cigars, I went for a St. Peters brewery golden ale they call "Golden Ale".  A strong ale but not strong in taste, which was light and fresh, going very well with both cigars.

The VSG (Virgin Sun Grown) was first to be smoked.  This was boxed pressed, had a lovely wrapper with little veining and in general, a good looking cigar.  I had no problems at all during the smoke and it remained enjoyable from start to finish.  Plenty of smoke, good draw, nice and relaxing.  I really enjoyed this one and got right down to the nub before reluctantly letting it go.

The Double Robusto was just as good as the VSG.  Another great looking cigar, firm and a joy to smoke.  It did tunnel on me and had to be cut and re-lit but it was such a good cigar, that didn't bother me.  Lots of generous smoke and I think I've found a new favourite, at least until Macanudo 1968's become available over here.

To sum up, both are fantastic cigars, both have their unique qualities and both are highly enjoyable.  I think the Oliva edged it for me simply because it has a size I like but there really is nothing to choose between the two.

The Golden Ale wasn't bad either.  Shame about the football.

The Ashton VSG

More of the Ashton

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  1. This is great photo about cigar. The Ashton VSG series of cigars provide a full-bodied wide array of flavors. Also, The ash is light gray and very smooth. Stack of quarters effect is barely visible.