Tuesday, 10 May 2011

"To the Mainland"

After a enjoyable and victorious day on the golf course with Mikkel, the plan for the evening was to meet up with the MJ's and their lovely Spanish friends, plus Jackie and Libby, for a knees up in Temple Bar.

Jackie lives way out in the sticks and was unable to get a lift back to civilisation so it wasn't looking good.  Thankfully though, we brought our car with us on the ferry, so we went and fetched her.

The venue for the evening was "The Garage".  A great little pub if you don't mind sawdust on the floor or unisex toilets.  The smoking section at the front is reasonably good. I spent most of the night there.

The cigars for the evening were the Grafton reserve and a new one for me, a Macanudo 1968.  The 1968 was the discovery of the trip for me, a great cigar.  Big, very big.  An all round great smoke that lasted for almost 2 hours, burning consistently throughout after taking only a few minutes to get going.  I did bring some of these back with me to the UK and will set about finding a cheaper source than Dublin for my next batch.  All this was thanks to the wife who kept me supplied me throughout the trip. 

I was unable to source the 1968's in the UK, so I contacted cgars.ltd  and according to them, they're due to be released to the UK market sometime late May.  I look forward to it. 

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