Monday, 9 May 2011

I shot J.R.

If I was my brother and J.R. was my ass.

It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  I know, it was my ass, so believe me, it hurt.

OK, so it wasn't a real gun.  I was shot in the backside by a BB gun.  A double tap from a BB handgun to be precise, marking my fleshy rear end with two BB sized wounds that stung like nothing every stung before, only twice.

The shooter as I said was my brother.  An airsoft extremist who likes to shoot people from behind.  People who happen to be running away.  My crime? I made mocking shooting noises Ali G style, see link Ali G Shooting for more precise details of the pow pow noise I went for.  The disturbing picture below shows one of the wounds in graphic detail.  It also shows part of my ass.  Be warned, it's not pretty.

Before the shooting incident, I enjoyed a Romeo y Julieta Churchill and a Cohiba Maduro 5.  The R&J Churchill is a great cigar and I enjoyed this one from start to finish.  No complaints there. 

The Maduro 5 was sitting in my humidor for about 3 months and I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately though, it was disappointing at best.  It was weak, uneventful and tasteless. Big fail.  Not sure I'll go for a Maduro 5 again.  I smoked the Maduro before the Churchill, only smoking the Churchill because I needed some cheering up after the disappointment of the Maduro.  That said, it was a much more enjoyable double tap.

A great night at the brothers house, even if it did end with me running out of the house screaming like a girl, while he laughed like a loon at the door after putting a cap in my ass, twice.

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