Sunday, 5 June 2011

Same O Same O

It was back to work for me this week and with 8500 unread emails sitting in my inbox, I got busy with the shift delete.

At 4pm I practically ran out the door to pick up the boy at creche.  After three months of hanging out together, all I wanted to do was push him about in his buggy for a bit.  It's the little things you miss.

Now all that's over, and so cigar smoking and therefore cigar blogging, won't be happening as much.  I say that but so far this week, nothing much has changed.  The blogging may not be happening as much, but the cigar smoking hasn't diminished.  Not so far anyway.

I've enjoyed some lovely cigars over the course of the week, two Ramon Allones Specially Selected, an Ashton VSG and two Olivia Serie V Double Robusto'.  The Double R is now my favourite, but I decided I needed something new for Saturday night. 

The winner was the God Of Fire Carlito Double Robusto 2006.  I was going to let this one sit in the humidor for a while but then decided nah, have it.

At £17 a pop, it's not cheap and at that price, I was hoping and expecting something good.  Not that I was disappointed with the cigar but I wasn't over impressed either.  The foot was split to begin with and then the wrapper split a little about mid way through.  The flavours were enjoyable for the first 2/3's then things got a little harsh.  The burn was uneven throughout and I had to touch it up numerous times, once having to clean, cut and relight.  All in all, not a bad cigar which started well but never really got going, and at that price, not something I'll rush to buy again any time soon.

Another new item to come my way this week was a shiny new putter, bought from Snainton Golf , who were £40 cheaper than Nevada Bobs.  With next day delivery, the putter arrived seven days later, but I didn't mind too much, as this was a putter and not a bus I was waiting for.

After a few indoor practice putts with a cup, it was time for a spot of gardening.  We picked up grape vine and a fig plant so the job was to rip up a climber that's been climbing for the past 4 years and put the newbies in it's place.  It was only after the plants were done, did I sit down to enjoy the GoF.  I was pretty knackered at after tearing up the well rooted climber, and maybe I should have gone for the Ashton VSG which I find to be a mellow relaxing smoke, but the GoF it was.

We also got a bumper crop of raspberries yesterday.  They got eaten in less than a minute.

God of Fire

Bumper Crop

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