Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend wonders

The last of the cigars picked up by  her indoors last weekend,  a Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres UK regional 2010 and a Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill were smoked, with some Prosecco, in the cool air of our back garden, over the course of Saturday.

The wide Churchill was nice enough, light and enjoyable but the Por Larranaga was in a class of its own.  This was a perfect way to celebrate England' victory over the French.  Not that I was celebrating an English victory, I was just happy to see France get beaten and what is it with Ireland and giving away kick-able penalties?

I will definitely be on the look out for a box of Por Larranaga when we next go on our travels. COM'ON IRELAND!!

That's the humidor empty again but luckily, I have a sampler on the way next week.  Life is hard sometimes.

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2
Chinchalero Picadillos
Chinchalero Torpeditos
Regius Robusto
Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales

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