Saturday, 26 February 2011

A night on the tiles

Last night, Nora the babysitter was in town so myself and the wife scarpered.  The restaurant was Michelin starred Viajante, and the after-pub was The Dundee arms, The Dundee Arms.

Pre-dinner cigar was a Regius Robosto all the way from Nicaragua.  I liked this cigar very much. I'll certainly be getting a few more.

The restaurant on the other hand, was not so good.  The wife described the food as "boring", when asked by the maitre'd.  I became the worlds finest food critic when I suggested that passion fruit was "so last year".  Needless to say, we won't be bringing the Doyles there.

The owner of the Dundee arms is a brother-in-law of a guy at work, and a very nice man who serves a mean pint.  He even laid on a plate of savory biscuits, which we ate.

I'd certainly recommend the Regius as an excellent and  much cheaper alternative to a Cuban Robusto, at roughly half the price of a Partagas No.4.  I won't recommend Viajante and if you fancy a bit of Irish music and a sing-along, head to the Dundee arms.

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