Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New years stash

A Christmas care package found its way to me, thanks to BFF Johnny D.  The Cohibas came thanks to one of the brothers in law. 

The Cohibas were bought in Egypt, in an unopened box.  Not surprisingly, they were bone dry, very flakey and almost ruined.  Two were alright but this was months before the humidor arrived so there was nothing left to do but smoke them.  Not great but the two that were alright, went down a treat.  Great shame but looking forward to getting my hands on Siglo IV's some time soon.

The Partigas and Trinidads were perfect, as were the Romeos.  All gone now.  Well gone.  No point when there's no humidor to keep them in good nick.

Lessons learned here were as follows...1.  Cigars go straight to humidor.  2. If none available, buy one quick. 3. Never buy an unopened box, examine the contents.

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