Monday, 21 February 2011


Ok, first things last.  I finally picked up my humidor after months of huming and ...  anyway, I got one...

I'm well aware that I should have gotten one yonks ago, but they're not cheap.  I do admit that some cigars have been ruined due to the heating being on 24x7 but I'm not to blame...

I'll post my first picture of the humidor then add more pics of cigars I've smoked over the past few months later on.  I'm just so proud of this lovely wooden box.  Bought from C.Gars ltd, of London, out West Hampstead way, for the bargain price of £109.  Slightly seconds due to cosmetic damage, but I have yet to find this alleged damage.

My lovely wife even bought me some fine stogies to got with it, aaahhh.

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