Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dan the Man

Last September, Dan, old Danny boy or Spaniel as I like to call him in private (he lives in Spain), or Dan as he's called by everybody who knows his name, arrived over with a very special box of smokables.  This particular box contained Cohibas which were destined to be smoked at the greatest sporting event of 2010.

The box contained 5 x Cohiba Coronas Especiales.  Great smokes, of which, 1 was smoked by myself, in the garden almost immediately after Dan arrived in the front door.  The remaining 4 had my name, my Dads name, my brother in law' name and my brothers name all over them.

Without bragging about it too much, I was at the Ryder cup 2010 at Celtic manor in Wales on the Saturday and we all enjoyed these fantastic cigars in glorious sunshine, in a golfing arena unlike anything else on earth.  What a day.  It rained either side of Saturday and we enjoyed more golf on a Ryder cup day than any day in its history (I think).  We even got on the telly!!

Oh yeah, Dan also brought Gearoid with him.

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