Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Top Cuts

Not much to choose from here seeing as my collection of cigar cutters amounts to a grand total of four, which is actually more then I thought I'd have at this stage.  People tend to throw them at me, amongst other things, but how many cutters is too many cutters? How much can I write about them?  It cuts good...It cuts bad...

First cutter came from Dan.  Dan visited last year and brought with him a 5 pack of Cohiba, a box of long matches and my first cutters.  Nice man Dan.  More on those Cohibas (and Dan) later as they (and Dan) deserve a posting all to themselves.  This is the cutter Dan brought from Spain.  Did the job without too much damage but not as sharp as I expected.  Now retired but will always remain close to my heart. Marks of 5 out of 10.

 Next cutters to come along came all the way from Luxembourg, in that Xmas care package from BFF Johnny D.  I'll stop calling him BFF Johnny D soon, might call him BFFJD for short, anyway, along with a bundle of sticks, was a classy looking cutters in a fake leather case.  This looks the business but made a mess of the two cigars I used it on.  It has not been used since.  It sort of pinched them before eventually cutting through.  Not good, 3 out of 10.

Number 3 came with the humidor from C.Gars Ltd.  This cutters has a single blade and felt razor sharp.  It cut through my cigars with ease and is now my cutter of choice.  Number 4 was thrown in when the wife bought 6 cigars from the C.Gars Ltd shop in West Hampstead.  Same as number 3 but smaller.  Also razor sharp and cuts perfectly.  Both below and both score 8 out of 10. 

I suppose by this time next year, I'll probably have more cigar cutters in my possession then cigars in my humidor...I'll let you know by this time next year.

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