Saturday, 26 February 2011

How much is that stogie in the window...puff puff

The one with the 52 ring guage...

It brings me back to my mister, how much is that much is that one...and much is that many can I get for that?

Cigars are not cheap.  Cigarettes are ₤6.50 over here so comparing that to an average cigar of around ₤14, and you, this is an expensive hobby (yes hobby).  There's obviously a huge difference between the two, quality of tobacco, hand rolled blah blah etc etc.

The only solution I see to this costing problem, is to travel to countries where cigars are much cheaper and buy in bulk. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Cuba.  Oh, if anybody out there is coming from or going to any of those countries, spare me a thought.  Thanks. 

Superman (1978) is one of the best movies ever.  Currently showing on Channel 5 HD.

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