Monday, 21 February 2011

Introduction - My new life with cigars

Hello there,

I've recently taken up cigar smoking, having ditched nasty smelly fags, for relaxing, tasty, manly cigars.  Dumped the stupid hourly few drags for a more civilised weekly (or so) smoke out the back garden (or porch) of a fine Havana.

I'll be posting reviews, pictures, stories and anything cigar related which hopefully will help and promote one of the most relaxing and enjoyable grown up persuits there is.

I'm new to cigars so I dont claim to be an aficionado, but I am enthusiastic and welcome all pointers and comments.  I'm hoping to make this fun with many many pictures and stories of cigar I've smoked, who I smoked them with, reviews, reviews of shops and accessories.

This is my first blog so be kind and have patience please.  Hoping you enjoy...

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