Tuesday, 16 August 2011

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We had the Larkin's over to stay with us last weekend.  We always end up having a great time with the Larkins, but tend to suffer for it the morning after, or I do at least.

We all met up at London Zoo for a day out on Saturday.  Their eldest had been shipped off to his Grandparents in Tulsa, but they kept the youngest with them, who's only a month younger than ours, so this set things up nicely for a fun day out with the kids, followed by us stuffing ourselves with lots food and drink.

After much fun and laughter at the zoo, we got back to the house and I got 20 or so prawns out of the freezer for later.  I'm not sure if they were expecting it, but a healthy meal was on the way.

While we waited for the prawns to defrost, we got the champagne and beers flowing.  Ryan and Carine brought the champers, wine and some Guinness.  There was also an American pale ale by Sierra Nevada.  I had a some St. Peters Best Bitter chilling in the fridge so we had a few of those, followed by the Sierra Nevada and then some Guinness.  Followed by some more St. Peters.  We left the champagne and vino to the ladies, as we're nice like that.

All things considered, we somehow managed to serve dinner at a reasonably time - prawn and crab with artichoke and avocado salad.  Dessert was a Cadbury Wispa.  How was I supposed to know there was ice cream in the fridge?

My first cigar of the night was a Partagas Serie P No. 2, which was the last remaining Serie P from the Luxembourg trip and one I was going to keep, but as they say, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

The Serie P came out of it's tube with a little mould over it, which slowed me down by about 3 seconds before I torched it.  The cigar was lovely to smoke, lasting well over an hour.  The evening was warm, the beer cold and the cigar a winner.  Doesn't get much better than that.

I followed the Serie P with another Partagas, this time it was one of the Culebra which was also picked up in Lux.  I've got 4 of these lovely cigars left, 3 of which I'm saving for the trip home to Ireland next month.  The plan is to share the box with the two amigos, hopefully without injuries if possible.

I also had a couple of Partagas cigars on Friday evening.  This time I started off with a Serie D No. 4 that was only delivered to me last week.  A box of 10 all the way from Switzerland.  I really should leave these alone to rest but the looked so delicious, I had to have one.  After the Serie D, I had another Culebra.  Yum.  I also had a few ice cold beers.  Double yum.

That was the weekend.  Pretty good.  Next up is a delivery of something very special, or at least they should be. 

I'd like to finish off by saying that I am not sponsored by Partagas.  I am however available for sponsorship should Partagas feel the need.

8 left
4 left

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