Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Constant (Guerrilla) Gardener

I've never watched the movie, and I've never read the book, which I'm ashamed to say as John le Carré is my favourite author.  With Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy out in the cinema soon, I've decided to get back to reading le Carré, starting with his book on gardening, or constant gardening as he calls it.

I have of course read Thinker, Tailor which it's an excellent book and one I'd highly recommend.  It's the first book in the quest for Karla trilogy, which everybody should read.  Although I haven't actually finished it yet.

So, why "Guerrilla" in the title?  Well, I did a bit of Guerrilla gardening the other day.  I even gained an admirer along the way.  A local woman, Italian I think, who said she wishes there were more people like me around.   Which was nice.

Anyway, we have this car park next to us, which has a large patch of muck running up the side of it, so that's it's new home, in the mucky patch.  Hopefully it finds happiness there.  

Apart from gardening, I been laying off the cigars a bit.  The Sancho Panza last Saturday week was a fine cigar and was enough to keep me going for a while, so instead of smoking, I went for a new travel humidor for the trip home to Ireland.  C.Gars Ltd threw in a digital hygrometer for free, which tells me that the temperature and humidity in my humidor is pretty much perfect.  

I did have a Serie D No. 4 with Mr. James Bloor and his cousin (really his Nephew) and his cousins mate (really his Nephews mate) on Monday.  Myself and Jim met up to visit a new brewery but they'd run out of anything good so we left after one.  Check it out if you're in the London Fields area as it's probably worth a visit.  London Fields Brewery

We make the trip home to Ireland in a few days time so I'm hoping for lots of opportunities to enjoy some great cigars, and maybe pick up a few new ones too.  So, while I'm away, here's a Guerrilla Gardening website to keep you going - Gardening.

Guerrilla Tree

Inside the new Travel Humidor

Outside the new Travel Humidor

Outside the new Brewery

Partagas Serie D No.4 with Jim

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