Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Happy Humpday

As it was humpday, I decided a cigar was in order so I went for an Ashton VSG to celebrate, and what a great decision it was too.

I was just about to step into the garden when I realised I'd left my phone upstairs, but I couldn't face going back up (it's where the cigars live) so I looked at the bookshelf to see if anything took my fancy.

Apart from the "learning to talk" and "sing and sign" DVD box sets (not mine), nothing really stood out.  Then I spied a book on chaos.  So I thought, sure what harm can it do...

No harm really, it's only a book but it got me thinking none the less.  About cigars obviously.

Take a box of cigars, all are similar but none are exactly the same.  Throw in things like age, moisture, roll, the torcedores (who rolled it), the blend and lots of other things, and it becomes obvious that no two sticks are ever the same. 

Add location, company, conversation, food and drink into the mix and the experience one day is completely different to the next.

The Ashton VSG did feel slightly different this time around.  Better than the last time and even better than the time before that.  It's such a chilled out smoke.  Not to be rushed, smooth and relaxed.  Not a bit like me then.

So after much contemplation, I decided that a good book and a good cigar do go together. 

The book of choice was Chaos by James Gleick.  I read about 10 pages.

The Lorenz Attractor

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