Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Longest Day

The longest day started off with a trip to the garage to drop off the car for a good seeing to and a bit of body work.

Car deposited, it was off to work.

By lunchtime the garage had called to break the news of how much would be owed.  Not much comprehension from me to be honest but thankfully my grasp of Chinglish was good enough, and I got the general idea that some money will be owed.  How much and for what exactly is still unknown, but I like a surprise.

That phone call was followed just moments later by an some Australian sounding mad-woman, who started shouting some rant down the phone at me.  Still reeling somewhat from the last call, this one caught me completely off guard.  "Uh...Sorry?" I said.  "Pictures...Framing...Read-dee..." she replied.  "Oh right".

So after a quick feed of lunch, off I went to pick up the framed pictures that were ready, apparently.

A few hours later, back at the house and the pictures have found a nice place to hang.

Frame number 1 is a 2008 Masters flag signed by Trevor Immelman.  This found it's way to me via my Dad, who was given it by an American guy who played golf with Trevor and apparently knows the man well.

I have this flag a couple of years and have been meaning to get it framed for ages, so I'm glad I finally had it done.  I think it looks good.

The real artwork though is by John Donohoe.  John generously gave us 3 paintings as a wedding present when we met up with him last Christmas.  The 3 paintings are stills of Tilda Swinton in some movie.  I think John did around 50 of them, all hand painted, spanning a few seconds, with white lead based paint on acetate.  So the 3 paintings were put side by side on a black background, with a red border and a silver frame.  I put a good 30 minutes into the framework.  I can only imagine how much time John put in each one... Thanks John.

To celebrate all this and the fact that today is the longest day of the year, I thought a cigar would go down well, something new perhaps.  It was sunny out but a bit breezy so I tried to pick one that might hold its own in the wind, a Te-Amo World Series Honduras Blend for instance.  It certainly held it's own and wasn't bullied by the wind.  A strange smoke this one.  Definitely had flavour to it but nothing that held out for very long.  It changed every few minutes, which kept me wanting and never really satisfied.  The burn was OK, the smoke was good but it all happened a bit too quickly, even though the wind had gone elsewhere by 5 minutes in.  A good looking cigar, slightly square pressed which was springy to begin with when squeezed, but it did become very soft towards the final third and a bit harsh too.  An OK cigar I suppose but I'm itching for something better so next time, it's a Cuban or nothing.


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  1. This is great story about cigar. This cigar is normally a bit harsh and the first one that I smoked was enjoyable. The cigar itself felt pretty dense but it was very light in weight.