Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nice day in the garden

The sun is out.  The baby is sleeping and I'm in the garden in my socks listening to the soothing sounds of a distant ambulance, an airplane on its approach to Heathrow and the dulcet tones of my cat snoring.

The postman arrived this morning with another nice little package for me.  The contents of which have since been deposited in my lovely humidor.  I think the humidor has enough now to keep it happy for at least a month.

I was just wondering, now that the ambulance has passed, and the plane has landed, how long the peace and quiet will last...not long...here comes another ambulance, of the helicopter variety, doing a low slow sweep over my head on its approach to the Royal London, Whitechapel.  How that baby still sleeps, I don't know...better check the baby monitor is on...and here comes the cat, looking for food.  I'm not complaining though.  This is great.

5 x     Luis Martinez Hamilton Robusto
2 x     Don Antonio Tubed Robusto    
2 x     Charatan Corona
1 x     Trinidad Reyes cigars
1 x     Trinidad Coloniales cigars
1 x     Nub Cameroon 460
2 x     Travel humidors (1 free)

1 x  Cat

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