Thursday, 9 February 2012

Blogs First Birthday

My blog will be one year old on February 26th.  I know, it's hard to believe.  Where did all the time go? 

In the whole blogisphere scheme of things, it's still only a baby blog, but with almost 100 posts to it's name, this blogs done good, as they say.

There were a couple of reasons why I started the whole blog-twitter thing, in case you ever wondered.  One was to chronicle my cigar experience from a beginner to whatever, and the other reason was because I had a three month sabbatical, during which I was to look after our baby boy, and I wanted to record our adventures together.

After three months of baby bonding, I went back to work and our boy went to creche, but cigar stories lived on and I'm happy that it did.

I've enjoyed it and I'm hoping you have too, so to celebrate, I'm doing a best bits clip show sort of thing.

I normally celebrate by smoking a cigar, but it's snowing again and I'm all toasty so that'll have to wait.

Selecting the best bits is obviously a difficult task, and not because there are so little "best bits" to choose from, but because they're all so good, it's just too hard to choose...

Best bit numero uno.

1. Fr. Teds house.

This gets number one because I have a beard and we're at Fr. Teds.  Enough said.

Best bit numero duex

2. We beat the English at their own game

Another Irish victory that I'd like to remind my English friends of, in case they forgot.

Best bit uimhir a trí

3. Culebra

This one sums up the best of the whole year.  The laughs and good times shared.

Worst bit

1. John accidentally fell off his bike in a freak accident that was nobody fault, not even mine.

I'm only having one worst bit, and the day the breaks on Johns bike failed, was definitely the worst bit ever.

That's it for the best of clip show, and I didn't want to do one just because I was stuck for something to write about.  All the greats have done it you know, The Simpsons, Friends...

Next up on cigar stories is my Sons second birthday party.  Another reason to celebrate.


Lovely hands

Bestest friend ever
Ireland win again

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