Saturday, 4 February 2012

Six Nations

It's the start of the six nations this weekend, and I'm looking forward to few weeks of exciting rugby and Irish victories.  Not to mention the five crushing defeats to England.

The six nations, for those of you that don't know, is a rugby competition involving six nations.  Not to be confused with the southern hemisphere Tri-nations tournament, which has four nations.  Obviously, four doesn't fit into Tri so they're calling it "The Rugby Championship".   Sounds a bit pretentious to me.

Either way, it all kicks off this weekend and to celebrate, I'm going to brave the freezing conditions and enjoy a cigar or two.

It's brass monkeys over here and it's not easy getting out to enjoy a cigar.  I do try and if those brave lads can run around a frozen field in a pair of shorts, I can sit outside and smoke a stogie.

I did have a couple of cigars last weekend, even though it was below freezing, but I wrapped up and enjoyed two Ramon Allones, one from Luxembourg which was excellent and the other from Uncorked on Bishopsgate.  This little shop has a great selection of wine but it also has a small humidor which I don't think sees much action, and because of this, the cigars have been ageing nicely and are in great condition.

Another thing going for this shop is the price.  There a few shops in the City of London, in and around the square mile, and their prices are all a bit on the high side, which is understandable, but I think the Ramon Allones Specially Selected at Uncorked is pretty good value at £13:50.  This obviously isn't cheap, but if you're looking for a cigar in the city, I think it's the best you're going to get.

We have Ashling babysitting tonight, as myself and the wife are out at the Barbican to watch the Dressner twins from The National perform an audio visual collaboration called the Long Count.

I'll report on that next time but beforehand, with ten centimetres of snow forecast for this evening, the chance of smoking a cigar is getting slimer by the hour, so I'd best get out and enjoy one while I can.

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Mr Potatohead


  1. The Mr. Potatohead with the cigar has had me rolling for about a minute now. Pretty awesome!!

  2. Cheers Logan, glad he made you laugh. That was his first modeling job but hopefully he'll agree to do some more.