Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Hangover

The weekend ended almost exactly like it did in the movie, with me flicking through the photos of the carnage that was Saturday night.

Friday night was a bit of a blur too.

The weekend started off with a flight from London City airport to Luxembourg.  I was wondering what airport drama might happen this time...  Previously on "Airport Idiot", Mark picks up John' passport instead of my own but doesn't realise until it's too late.  A costly mistake.  Next time he takes the wrong bag from baggage reclaim but once again, he realises too late.

This time though, it wasn't entirely my fault.  Little Miss picky picky security guard told me my hair product tub was 20 grammes over the allowance of 100.  I wouldn't mind but I have very little hair left to play with and even though the tub was already half empty, there was still a good few months worth of it left. (That's the product, not my hair thank you for asking dear wife)

That wasn't the issue though.  At the first bag check, I had to dump a tub of ello vera because it was too big, then at the X-Ray screening I ended up getting a full body pat-down.  After all that, I was being told to open my bag...not easy with it's broken zip tags...only for the woman to notice that I was smuggling the oversized hair product container in the clear plastic bag.

She then tells me I can go back and check in my bag...I agree to this but I get a little bit angry too.  Why wasn't I told this before I came through the bag checks?  Why didn't the first woman who picked out my allo vera tell me this before I lobbed that into the bin?  And what did you want to see in my bag?  Then why did you ask me to open it?

So off I storm off, back to the checkin desk, but stopping on the way to reach into the bin to retrieve vera.

As I pass the first set of guards, I'm told that I need to ask for a new boarding pass. Thank you.  I check my bag in, explain what happened, and ask for a new pass...long story short, my new boarding pass doesn't work so I get sent back for another, and that doesn't work either...anyway...

I make the plane.

I get to Luxembourg.

I calm down.

The whole reason for the trip to Luxembourg was to celebrate the 40th Birthday of my oldest friend.  He's not actually my oldest friend so that should probably read, my longest friend, but that presents it's own problems.   What I should say is that John has been my friend longer than anybody else in the whole world.

With that in mind, it was with a heavy heart that I arrived empty handed.  Apart from a nice Cohiba for John, a bottle of XO and two bottles of Baileys Irish cream, biscotti and some other flavour...the Birthday present I was hoping to get John wasn't available in London.  I thought it was but it wasn't.  Big mistake but everything will be sorted out by Christmas, so don't worry John. 

I know, I'm the worst best friend ever.

So, we kicked off celebrations on Friday night.  Gillian cooked some lovely food and John showed us how to open Champagne with a saber.  As the night wore on, most of us had a go at taking the top off a bottle with the sword.  Easy when you know how.  Rima takes credit for the best attempt with my good self a very close second, even if I do say so myself.

The cigars I brought over for the evening were a Cohiba for John, Rolo had a Regius robusto,  Barney had the other Cuban, a El Rey del Mundo Choix de L Epoque (UK 2009 Regional), and I went for a  Camacho Corojo Toro Cello.

To be fair to all these cigars, I was a little bit tipsy when asking how each of the fine fellows were enjoying them, so I'm not entirely sure I remember the opinions expressed, but I'll give it a go.

My cigar was only alright.  A lovely looking stick but that was about it.  It had a weird draw and never really got going.  Disappointing.  Not sure if I could be bothered with one again to be honest, so that's all I'll say about that.

I honestly don't remember if John enjoyed the Cohiba but I'd imagine he did.

Barney had a bit of trouble with his little El Rey and it burned badly down one side.  I think it was more trouble that it was worth.

The best reviews were from Rolo and his Regius Robusto.  I said in a my last blog entry why I went with the Regius, and I'm glad Rolo enjoyed it.  Excluding the Cohiba, which I can't remember, the Regius was the winner on the night so congratulations Regius.

After dinner and copious amounts of alcohol at the Doyles, we decided we should probably head to the pub.  Things get a bit blurry after that but thankfully we all made it back safe and sound.  No trips to the hospital this time, and a good night was had by all.

Be sure to check out the best pub in Luxembourg - Decibel

Next time, I'll cover off the rest of the weekend.  We had more fun and games on Saturday and I picked up a shed load of cigars on the way.

Many thanks to John and Gill for a great weekend.  It always great to see them both, not forgetting Rolo and Kaz, Barney and Rima and Johns Fan Club at Decibel.

Kaz bottle topping

Rolo bottle topping

Two Cigars - One Winner

Fr. X-Mas

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