Sunday, 18 December 2011

The O'Fogies

The wife turned 40 last Friday and believe it or not, I waved goodbye to my thirties the very next day.  I know, I bagged myself a sugar mammy.  Just about.

For the record, she's actually a day and a half older.  There's a good 36 hours between us.

To celebrate, we had food and drinks and friends around on Saturday and I was planning on smoking something special.  But before that, I had some presents to attend to.

Apart from the cigarf already mentioned, I did pretty well with the presents this year.

I got some gardening stuff and a trip to Madrid in March.  I got some CDs by M-83 and I'm told that we're also going to see them when we're in Madrid, so that's nice.  With any luck, the cast from Johns birthday celebrations in Luxembourg will be there with us.  Everybody except Shivo, but you probably don't remember him.

Also in the birthday gift bundle was a a six cigar selection the the wife put together, which included four new ones for me.  A Cohiba behike 52 and a Partagas Lusitania being the stand out picks.

The days celebrations involved lots of food and drink with friends and neighbours dropping by to commiserate the passing of our youth.  I popped out to the garden to enjoy a cigar while I could and before anybody arrived.  I selected a Bolivar Gold Medal as my birthday cigar, which was a new cigar for me and a fine cigar it was too.

Picked up in Luxembourg a couple of weeks back, the cigar comes mostly covered in a gold wrapper and to be honest, although it looks alright, I'm not mad on the idea.  It does save you picking at the band because that's on the outside of the wrapper, but I found the wrapper a bit fidgety to get off.  That obviously didn't spoil the cigar in any way but it was just a bit of unwanted hassle.

The cigar was perfect.  Nothing bad to report.  Strong and smokey and went to the nub, which is what you want.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself some Gold Medals.

Most of the people who dropped by came armed with a small child, so we had a nice family friendly afternoon with fizzy drinks (alcoholic) and finger food.  They brought some lovely gifts with them, most of which was consumed on the day.

As the day wore on, I was looking to get out to the garden for another cigar.  Thankfully, Jim arrived over with his lovely new girlfriend, Alana.  Jim likes a cigar now and then but he didn't have much time so I selected an robusto sized Mexican cigar for him, and a Partagas Serie P No.2 for myself.

As Jim examined and rolled the Mexican under his nose, the bouquet brought images to Jim' mind of sweaty man crotch.  I reminded him that cigars are rolled between the thighs of virgins but that just brought other unwanted images to Jims mind, images involving Mexican men plus tobacco and you pretty much get the picture.

So we dumped the Mexican and I took Jim up to view the selection on offer.  I should have picked this one to begin with but I had forgotten about it.  The name alone makes Jim stand to attention and salute.  Best name ever in his opinion and he's probably right too.  Winston Churchill Lancaster.  A name every proud English man would love to have for themselves.

Two words Jim - deed poll.

My Partagas was good but not great.  I think they need to settle for a few more months and I've found the Serie P to be like this in the past.  Jim enjoyed his Lancaster immensely and raved about it non stop.   So a nice little cigar, good construction, great in the hand and it made Jim a happy man, as has his lovely new girlfriend.

Our next adventure brings us home for Christmas.  We're loading up the car with booze and presents and making our way across the Irish sea, to the land of saints and babysitters.  The three amigos will be together on Friday in Dublin, before we head to Galway for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll be bringing a good supply of cigars to keep me going over the two weeks and hopefully this year, the weather will be good enough to get some golf in and some days out with the wife. 

Have a great Christmas everybody. (except Shivo)

P.S.  The title credits go to the Doyles who addressed our birthday card to Mr & Mrs O'Fogies.  A nice touch so thank you John and Gill.

Birthday Cigar and Birthday Beverage
Birthday Pressies

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