Sunday, 17 June 2018

Close...but no Cigars

I witnessed this first hand myself on the internet and you would not believe what happened next!

Artists Impression
So these foreign looking fellas came flying out of the mosque probably, which we never wanted built in the first place, drunk on jihadi rhetoric no doubt, and unable to blow themselves up quickly enough, they did the next best thing and blocked a cycle lane in Blanchardstown just as this vulnerable Irish woman (presumably Irish due to the bouncing mass of elasticated ginger Irish-dancing curls, with arms and face covered in freckles) cycled innocently and serenely towards them singing the Irish national anthem in her head. 
Sinne Fianna Fáil
This poor useless wretch of a woman was forced to stop and terrified as she was (sure who wouldn’t be?), asked the terrorists very calmly and nicely using her phone voice to move out of the way, “sorry lads, but you wouldn’t mind moving out of the way there would ye now thanks very much?"... "Because you’re actually blocking the cycle lane did you know that?” she womansplained.  

The illusive #39 that's always packed by the time it get's to Cabra
They obviously didn’t understand Northside English, being foreign and all, as they ignored her pleas and waited a good 20 minutes for a number 39 bus before collectively pushing her in front of it.  This is totally unacceptable and I would ask the local community to report all such incidents to the Gardai.  I mean, 20 minutes waiting for a bus!  FFS. 
Anyway, as the story goes, this imaginary woman was prevented from going to the shops by these non-Irish looking mosque-dwelling women-cyclists haters, and something needs to be done about it, so I’ve put together a “prove your Irish or I’ll burst ye!” questionnaire:

Question 1.      Who do Irish people hate the most?  Is it:

a.      Priests

b.      Nuns

c.      The English

Question 2.      Who was responsible for the potato famine?  Is it:

a.      Priests

b.      Nuns

c.      The English

Question tree.      How many years of oppression by our English overlords?

a.      700

b.      Over a million

c.      1066

Question 4.      Who's the king of the fairies?

a.      Bono

b.      Michael D. Higgins

c.      Gerry Adams

Question 5.      What do the Irish love the most?  Is it:

a.      Going to mass

b.      Cups of tea

c.     The English Football teams

This blight on the normally safe streets of some parts of Blanchardstown only started happening since Brexit, so that’s another thing we can blame on the English, who as it happens, also qualify as foreigners.  No surprise there then.

Sin abhaile go dhi amach go lore ar fad, tiocfaidh ar bus mah shea du hul eh?

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