Saturday, 26 October 2013

Those are fake cigars!

Said I.

Oh really...

Yes.  Really.

Right...and what makes you say that?

Well I'm no expert mind, but if you look at the cigars, which are all from different Cuban houses, they all look almost identical.  That and the crappy bands on the Cohiba.

So you know a lot about cigars do you?

Well, I'm no expert ha ha ha, I think you need to check with your supplier, or maybe not your supplier, but somebody else who is an expert and not your supplier because I don't think your supplier can be trusted.

Leave it with me she said, and that was the last I heard about that.

Now, the first time I came across counterfeit cigars we were in Jordan, and low and behold, that thrilling exact word for word account you've just enjoyed also happened in Jordan, only just last week.

Not surprising then, but what is surprising was that this was my hotel, which claims five stars.

Nothing was done over the next few days, so I bought one of the cigars on offer, and in the name of science, I smoked it. 

It was fake, and now I feel a bit of a rant coming on.

After my recent self appointed senior position with the grammar police I've decided to see how much I can say in one sentence without using any punctuation marks whatsoever like as if I was talking in real life and making a point about something or other without pausing for breath while my face goes all red as the air runs out but I'm still trying to speak although its now nearly impossible but if I would just used a comma everything would just be a whole lot easier!!

What brought this rant on you ask?

Well.  Recently it's come to my annoyance that people are commenting on certain social media sites on whatever rubbish they think they have an opinion on, and they badly type up their ramblings with misspellings aplenty, and not a single punctuation mark to be seen.

And another thing, as far as I know, an ellipsis has three dots.  Not two dots or five dots, but three dots.  That's why people say dot dot dot.

And I'm starting my sentence with a conjunction.  I make my own rules.
Cuban Cigars


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