Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spot the Difference

Previously on Cigar Stories...

Mel Gibson shoots at helicopters with his eyes closed, and I get done for a second time with fake cigars.

Now as much as I dislike every minute of all the Lethal Weapon movies, even the ones I haven't seen, it isn't the only TV slash movie production that I have a problem with when it comes to helicopters, as Magnum P.I. caught my attention earlier today.

I have fond memories of Magnum P.I., which was one of my favourite TV shows back in the 80's.  That and Manimal. 

Tom Selleck is great, but to be honest, I don't remember much past Magnum and Higgins living together, Magnum driving a Ferrari that wasn't his, and his two mates - T.C who flew helicopters, and little Rick.

In this episode, Tom and T.C fly off to catch the bad guys, who just happen to be acting out the scene on top of some cliffs, and of course everybody knows that cliffs make it easy for helicopters to sneak up on people, and so up pops the helicopter right behind the bad guys, taking them completely by surprise. 

They weren't half as surprised as I was though when I noticed T.C had been replaced with a bank robber.

And these are the photographs of what I'm talking about...

Here we have the real Magnum P.I. and his mate T.C (and no, it doesn't stand for Top Cat).

In this picture, you can clearly see that T.C. is not dressed as a bank robber, although who knows what he might be thinking.

In the next photograph, Magnum P.I. looks normal enough, he's the same colour at least, while T.C. has turned into a white guy in a balaclava.

Skipping quickly past all the obvious jokes and stereotypes, I can't believe they thought that slapping a black balaclava on a white guy would do, whatever the reason.


Moving onto cigars.  See if you can spot which one is fake.


I'll give you a clue.  It's the bottom one.

Did you know that Manimal only ran for one series of eight episodes?  I know, mad isn't it.

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