Monday, 16 July 2012

In the Night Garden

Those of you who haven't had the pleasure of dealing with young children in recent years, might not know know what I mean when I say "In the night garden", or "Iggle Piggle", so if that's you, here's a little YouTube video to get yourself acquainted.  CLICK HERE!!

The stars of the show are Iggle Piggle, who you just met, Makka Pakka and UpsyDaisy.

These leading lights of childrens telly-vision, plus a supporting cast of other strange looking monsters, dance and sing and get about the place by way of a possessed train known as the Ninky Nonky, and a terrible flying machine called the Pinky Ponky, that's forever crashing into trees at incredibly slow speeds.

What's an Og Pog?  Why it's Makka Pakkas little three wheeler zimmerframe-a-majig of  course.

Iggle Piggle and his gang of crazies landed at the O2 recently and the wife, myself and our two year old, plus the Larkins, who have two kids, went to see the show.

After the show, we booked a meet and greet with the great Iggle Piggle himself, followed by his lover, Upsy Daisy.

The kids loved the show, but our little fella got a bit carried away when the Ninky Nonk made an appearance, and rushed the stage.

If not for my legendary lightning reflexes, it would have been curtains, literally, as I sprinted after the boy and grabbed him in the "Nink" of time.

Anyway, I could see all the other parents were mightily impressed by all this, as I strolled back with my screaming toddler tucked securely under my arm.  "He almost caught the Ninky Nonk" I laughed to a surprisingly luke warm reception.  Obviously not real fans these.

An hour later, the show was over, and it was time to meet the big blue man himself.

This is a great way of extracting more money from us poor parents, but the kids love it, so I suppose it's worth it really.  Probably not though.

The meeting with Iggle Piggle passed off peacefully enough, which is more than can be said for Upsy Daisy.

As we left Iggle Piggle, the boy tried to take him home with us.  He took Iggle Piggle by the hand and led him to the door, saying "Come, Come", and for a minute, it looked like the Big Blue fella was actually going with us, until I pointed out that we didn't have his favorite food at home.  Fluffy bunnies and cats I said.

We left Iggle Piggle and moved on.

In the next room was Upsy Daisy.  Upsy Daisy with her dread-locks and her pull string inflatable skirt, kneeling on the floor with her arms open, ready and waiting to embrace the loving kids for the obligatory photograph, payable on the way out.

Not this time sweet cheeks.  Not with these kids anyway.

The Larkin's boy got a grip of a dread and decided the only thing to do was pull, and over she went.  The situation got worse quicker than you could say Makka Pakka, with Upsy's assistant trying in vain to save her, the boys got stuck in.

Larkin's boy was water-boarding her, while ours had her around the neck.  All the rest of us could do was fall about laughing and take photos of the mayhem.  Sorry Upsy, but we paid a lot of money for this and we wanted our moneys worth.

After that good kicking, we left the O2, and drove back to ours for a few beers and some food.  The kids wrecked the place, but I managed to get a cigar in before the day was out.

As I enjoyed the cigar, I thought about the lives of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy, and realized that while in those suits, nobody can hear you scream.

A terrified Upsy Daisy

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  1. Mate, you have to get out more. Just kidding. This made me laugh my ass off. It was hilarious.