Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy New Year!

We left the wind and rain behind and drove out east towards the milder climes of Navan, Co. Meath,  to celebrate new years with Jackie, Jim, Aaron and Simon.  Simon is the same age as our little fella so they had a great time playing, pushing and hugging each other. 

I had my happy new year cigar lined up for over six months.  I was saving it for a special occasion but couldn't decide on the occasion.  Not that a special occasion is a requirement for a cigar, but it does seems to be de rigueur when it comes to special cigars.  I was tempted to smoke it in the past, but mostly I took out of the humidor just to smell it.  Sad I know, but I'm sure you can imagine my excitment as I was finally going to smoke it.

Even after the disappointment of the behike 52, this cigar was never in doubt.  Also a Cohiba, but this time a Siglo VI.  A fine big flawless stick that went very well with the Moet & Chandon.  Everything about this cigar was great, the flavours, the burn, the feel, the smoke, the size, the smell.  If I had to pick my favourite cigar of 2011, this would be it, without question.

I'm just glad Gearoid got me a replacement Siglo VI for Christmas, which I'm obviously saving for another special occasion.

Jackie, Jim and Aaron were in the middle of a house move, so many thanks for having us over for a great new years eve.

Jackie did a lovely spread the next morning but all too soon, it was time to wave goodbye and head to Dublin for the next week.

First stop was to my sisters house for a lovely roast beef dinner, but stealing the show, literally, was my little boy, who once again filled his pockets with his cousins toy cars.  Six or more found their way into his possession and any attempt to return them was met with fierce resistance.  We did manage to get some back to their original owners, but not all.  Sorry about that.

The week in Dublin was choc full of cigars.  A Ramon Allones gigantes from Luxembourg, the Montecristo from Galway, a Partagas Petit Corona from Dublin plus some other cigars, were all enjoyed in my brother house, along with a mini barrel of Adnams Christmas ale.  This Monte was a new one for me and even though Montes are growing on me, I'm still not convinced, but I'm happy to report that this particular cigar passed with flying colours.  Many thanks to Cillian for that one, a fantastic pick.

While we were in the city centre, I dropped by James Fox cigar shop opposite Trinity college, and picked up a nice shiny cutters and 3-jet flame lighter, plus a few cigars for myself and Rolo. These were enjoyed  on our last night out in Dublin before we took the ferry back to Wales.

Dublin is full of what I suppose some people would call "characters".  Other people might call them something else.  One chap made himself known one afternoon as I drove my wife, our Son and my Mother into town.  We were stopped in traffic and he was on my inside.  I felt something wasn't right and so had one eye on the lights and the other on this fella who appeared to be edging closer.

Anyway, the question is, what did he do next..?

Did he..

A.  Indicate and slowly maneuver into my lane, with a wave and a smile and a thank you.


B. Get out of the car, leave it rolling with the handbreak off, come around to my side to tell me he had some urgent business at the labour exchange?

I wasn't sure what he was on about, as he drawled in his Dublin inner city heroin addict brogue, but I assumed he needed to turn his car around and go back the way him came.  This assumption was confirmed if somewhat overshadowed by the pressing need to get out of his way, as he jumped back into his car and drove straight at me.  Luckily, probably because of the English reg, the guy behind me left a large gap, which I promptly filled as I reversed to safety.

It wasn't quite over yet, as he blindly nosed into fast oncoming traffic.  Somebody stopped, flashed their lights, and he was gone.  Phew.

Dublin tourism should use the following slogan - "Dublin...you think you've seen it all...well think again".

It was a great two weeks on the mainland and we were sad as always to say goodbye.  

Midway through the week, I drove my Mother to Limerick to see my Aunt Nollaig for the last time.  Nollaig sadly passed away on Sunday.  So I'd like to dedicate this entry to Nollaig and Dan.  Thank you both for the best two weeks summer holidays in every year of my childhood.

Thanks Jackie

Best Cohiba Ever!
Wee Partagas
Ramon Allones Gigantes   

Montecristo from Cillian

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