Friday, 13 January 2012

Christmas Stogies - Part 2

It wasn't all cigars in the car in Galway.  We did have some evenings down the local pub, with it's semi-cosy smoking area.  There's not much fun in sitting in a semi-cozy or COSA (comfortable outdoor smoking area) as I should call it, on ones own, so keeping me company and joining me for a cigar were Ciaran and Ronan.

Ciaran actually joined me in the car when I had the behike and as he's new to the joys of cigar smoking, I thought I'd start him off on something special and so suggested a Ramon Allones small club corona.  This was another of the cigars the wife got me and even though it's a small cigar, it's a bit of a power house.

Ronan dropped by the back seat and they both shared the corona, which went down better with the two of them than the behike did with me. 

Later on, back at the local, I presented Ciaran with a Partagas culebra, which I think is a great cigar, but he said he enjoyed the Ramon Allones more, so I'll know what to bring next time.

As Ronan is now off traveling the world for the next year, Ciaran has become my apprentice cigar smoking buddy.

As a thank you, Ciaran bought me a fabulous looking tubed MonteCristo, which is another cigar I'll be keeping for a sunny day.

On one of the milder afternoons, when the wind was only hitting 60mph, we took a spin out to Connemara, ending up in a beautiful and dangerously windswept inlet, where the first movie ever filmed entirely in the Irish language was set.

Poitin, starring Niall Toibin and the late Cyril Cusack, was released in 1977, and apparently caused an national outrage when it first aired on Irish television in 1979.  Something to do with national stereotypes, begorrah, tobesure tobesure.

There's a nice plaque to the film stuck in the ground, so I took a picture which I've included below for your viewing pleasure.

If you click on the link of the movie name, you'll be brought to a great little excerpt on YouTube, enjoy.  Poitin 

To celebrate, I had a Partagas Serie P No.2 in the car, followed by a culebra and some Guinness shortly after.  I do like the Serie P but find it needs to rest for a few months in order to hit its best.

Something I forgot to add in Christmas Stogies P1, was a picture of Ashford ginger bread castle.  Although you can't see it from the photo, somebody took a bite out of its ramparts.  I know times are hard in Ireland, but come on, they can't be that bad surely.

That's pretty much it for Galway and Christmas.  Next stop was Navan for new years eve and then a week in Dublin, so lots of cigars still to come.

Thanks to everybody in Galway for looking after us.  We'll see you all again very soon.


The Plaque

Ashfood Castle

Cigar and a Pint in the Ci-Car

My two favourite things

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