Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ireland - Part 2

I normally only have good things to say about Ireland, and as I was born there, I reckon I'm allowed to say what I like, even if I haven't lived there in 10 years.

I'm not about to say anything nasty about the place.  That wouldn't do anybody any good.  Ireland needs it's tourism, so I wouldn't want to inflict more damage on the Irish economy by scaring people away.

I won't mention anything that has already been covered by the worldwide media.  I won't mention the rip off prices (20% higher than the European average).  The politician, priests, banks or builders.  None of these will get a word.

No, what got me going over the last two weeks, were the complete and utter lunatics speeding around the place trying to kill each other.  Visitors be warned, driving on Irish roads is not for the faint hearted.

Now, I've been to China, where the driving was terrifying at best, so I know bad driving.

Ireland may not be as bad as that, but for a country that has driving standards and tests enforced by a mysterious body called the "Road Safety Authority" and supposedly complies with what's known as the "EU Directive on Driving Licences", the frequency of dumbassery I witnessed on the roads was just as scary as a seat belt-less taxi ride in The Peoples Republic.

Don't let that put you of visiting China either.  I loved it there and would recommend it to everybody.

Anyway, to combat the anger I was feeling towards these people (the Irish, not the Chinese), I've smoked a few cigars in order to cool my jets a little.

I've enjoyed three of the aged Sancho Panza', which were all excellent. The first one was a bit tight but still a great smoke and the second was perfect.   The last one was had the wrapper damaged as I removed the "1998" band, but other than holding it in place so it wouldn't unravel, the cigar was lovely.

I nearly always smoke a cigar with the bands on and removed them when I get close, so as not to damage them but I forgot this time and paid the price.  Oh well, lesson learned.

I got through a couple of Serie D No. 4's and also a cigar I picked up in Dublin, which was Honduran made. This one was alright but I got a few complaints about the smell so I'll put that down as a fail.

Another new cigar I tried was the Macanudo 1968 Titan which is a short stubby cigar, 4" x 50 but a powerful little smoke despite its size. It looks great and lasted longer than I thought it would, so this one gets the thumbs up.

I also smoked one of the Ramon Allones Gigantes that John brought over from Luxembourg.  This is now one of my favourite cigars. It's a long slow burner, with a perfect draw and burn.  No complaints and thanks again to John for bringing them all the way from Luxembourg and not charging commission.  These 10 cigars arrived in the original box, which was an added bonus.  Nice one John.

Two weeks in Ireland is never enough but we did manage to pick up a few things along the way.  I bagged myself some excellent cigars and I finished 1st place in my Dad's golf society's Presidents day competition.  Oh, did I not mention that...?

The baby bagged himself around 50 new toy cars, some of which were stolen from his cousins, so not a bad weeks haul for him either.

RA Gigantes in the car
Sancho P in the pub
RA Gigantes in the Brothers

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