Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas is coming...woo

I know, it's still November, but Christmas is already in the air and has been for weeks.  In the air, on the TV, in the papers.  The toy adverts are in full flow and all the major shopping streets have turned on the Christmas lights.  Weekend shopping has become even more unbearable.

I hate shopping about as much as I hate X-Factor and believe me, that's a lot.  Actually no, I hate it more than that, but it's certainly on the same level as Strictly.  (If you don't know what Strictly is, then count yourself lucky)

In case this was in doubt or if I was somehow thinking that Christmas was still miles off, the wife brought me to an exhibition at Earl's Court, an exhibition called "The ideal homes show at Christmas".

Two problems here.  Firstly, it's not Christmas, it's November.  Secondly, it's far from ideal.  It should really be called "The Nighmare before Christmas in November".

Surprisingly,  the event was a massive disappointment.  It was not the Christmasy, snowy, elf-fest I was hoping for, with mulled wine and sleigh bells roasting on an open fire.  Nothing of the sort.  It was more like your average Sunday market mixed with the shopping channel, only more Sunday market than QVC.

I suggest a law be passed.  A law to keep Christmas in December.  That's a whole month of Christmas.  One month should be enough. Two months is just greedy and a month too many in my opinion.  What's that thing where if you get 75,000 signatories, the government has to debate it?  I think I might start one off.  Might be a bit late this time round but there's always next year.

Thankfully, it wasn't all bad last week.  Gearoid arrived over with Sean and Lulu.  Lulu brought cigars.  One for me.  How ever did she know?  It matters not.  I was very happy with the gift.

The cigar was a Montecristo Especial, which is a long slender cigar with a small pigtail.  As I said in the past, I'm not mad on Montes but this view is definitely changing.  The clubs I had a few weeks ago were excellent, and this was a fine cigar too.  Definitely an afternoon cigar in my view.  Not heavy, with a nice easy burn which required no work.  A perfect burn with a good draw and good smoke.  Big thanks to Lulu and Sean.

Gearoid brough me some excellent Cohibas when he last graced our shores, so it was nice surprise when he picked up a La Rica Corona from Nicaragua.  He picked it up in Cambridge, not Nicaragua in case you wondered.  This one was a disappointment though.  No flavour and absolutely nothing to note.  A big fail for La Rica but big thanks to Gearoid.

Unfortunately, Sean wasn't feeling too well on Saturday night and wasn't up to smoking his Monte.  I was off to bed early so that left Gearoid, and he probably didn't want to smoke on his own, so as they both left for the airport the next day, I had to take charge of both Montes.  Shame that.

It's been a bit of a stressful week.  I had my first IT related exam since 1999 and was happy to get it out of the way.  The La Rica was my celebration cigar, but it was a bit of a let down so I might be having one of those abandoned Montes to compensate.

I did have a few other interesting cigars last week.  One was a stripey number from Vegas.  My Dad brought it over earlier in the year and it turned out alright for something that was as dry as the moon when it got here.  The other cigar was the second from last of the aged Sancho Panza' from 1998.  I'll miss them when they're gone so I've decided to save the last one for a few years or so.  I'd seriously recommend aged cigars if you get the chance.  I picked up the box of 10 from C-Gars Ltd and was more than happy with what I got. 

Here are some photos from the week that was.

Artwork by my Son + a Monte

Last of the Cohibas

Viva Las Vegas


La Stinka

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